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We’re passionate about caring for the planet

At Pikolin, we are committed to caring for the planet and we strive every day to reduce our impact on the environment. We aspire to be a sustainable company, which is why we analyse the potential impact of our activity and search for the best solutions to help minimise it.

As a result of this commitment, we’ve created Pikolin Sustainable, the umbrella project for our strategy for the future, which is threefold:


We strive to make efficient
use of resources


We work hard to reduce
our impact on the environment


We encourage the adoption of good
environmental practices

Protecting the environment is caring for ourselves

We strive for efficient use of resources

We are ISO 14001 certified for environmental management in all our facilities. In addition to this commitment to the environment, we are also committed to energy efficiency. Since 2008, updated to 2018 version. We are ISO 50001 certified by AENOR, which recognises and shows Pikolin’s commitment to improving energy use through efficiency. Thanks to our management systems to improve energy efficiency, in 2019 we improved our power-use results.

To oversee our environmental and energy tasks, we have an Environment and Energy Committee. Backed by the general management, this committee coordinates and follows up on our use of energy and other natural resources, such as water, natural gas, cardboard and wood, among others, as well as emissions and wastewater from the facilities.

Becoming more energy efficient

At our new PLAZA facilities we have:

  • cut power use per m2 by 14%,
  • cut gas use in production per m3 by 40%,
  • increased production capacity by 30%,
  • improved our comfort standards (temperature, lighting, etc.).
20% of the power we consume comes from renewable sources (water, thermal and photovoltaic solar panels and from the power system, from renewable sources).

We work hard to reduce our impact on the environment

Using recycled raw materials

100% of the cardboard we use. All the paper elements that come with our products (warranties, instruction manuals, tags, etc.) are recycled.
Plus, they are PEFC certified, which guarantees the products come from sustainably managed forests.
More than 90% of the polyester fibre we use in our pillows and mattresses.
100% of our fabrics, fibres and foams are certified to OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100: free of harmful substances.
60% of the plastic packaging for our mattresses.
95% of the volume of the Stonepik legs for bases.
100% of the folding bed frames.
Over 65% of the wire for the springs.

We encourage the adoption of good environmental practices

People are another pillar of Pikolin Sustainable, as without them it would be impossible to achieve sustained and sustainable growth to continue providing thousands of people with healthy rest.

That why we work to raise awareness and get our suppliers involved, through the Pikolin Responsible Purchasing Policy. That way, all the Pikolin suppliers of raw materials are certified and sign the Code of Conduct for Pikolin suppliers, which sets minimum requirements for ethics and responsibility that must be met for the relationship to continue.

Our employees are a key element of Pikolin Sustainable, as they help us put in practice actions aimed at reducing the waste we generate. These little steps help change habits and have an impact on protecting the environment, and include using recycled paper, separating and recycling waste, avoiding single-use plastics and other actions with this goal in mind.