Durability, strength and maximum comfort thanks to the latest technology

Colchón Regina Pocket
Colchón Regina Pocket
Colchón Regina Pocket

Our exclusive sleep technology


Pocket springs that adapt precisely to the shape and weight of each sleeper.


HR material that makes it more breathable and more comfortable for sleeping.

Bed Bug Barrier®

Technology developed exclusively for Pikolin Contract that reinforces the maximum hygiene technology with this efficient, safe treatment to prevent and eradicate bed bugs and other pests.

Triple Barrera®

Maximum hygiene technology, a Pikolin Group exclusive, that prevents the main sources of bacteria from forming in a mattress: mites, bacteria and mould.


Material that adapts to the body’s shape for less pressure and better sleep.


All the mattresses for the Pikolin Contract business unit are fire resistant, a requirement for maximum quality and guarantee of a safe night’s sleep.


Core reinforced with contour rod. The firm durability of Normablock plus the most innovative materials in comfort.